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    Chuck's Eclipse Phase Wiki
    Due to the impending shutdown of Wikispaces, I am in the process of migrating this site to another hosting option. When this migration is completed, I will announce it here and on the PHS forum. - Chuck.
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  1. page Personal Augmentations edited Almost all citizens of the solar system, whether human, AI, or uplifted animal, use various forms o…
    Almost all citizens of the solar system, whether human, AI, or uplifted animal, use various forms of biological, cybernetic, or nanotechnological augmentation. The following is a list of the most common types.
    augmentations are bothbothe compatible and
    Standard Augmentations
    Most morphs produced in the solar system include the following augmentations.
    Skin PocketSkin Pocket: The morph has a pocket within its skin layer, capable of holding and providing concealment (+30) for small items. [Trivial]
    Swim BladderSwim Bladder: This transgenic organ is a series of gas-filled sacs that allow the character to control their buoyancy underwater. This bladder is also linked to the inner ear, enabling the character to accurately gauge water pressure/depth and also improving their hearing underwater (+10 to hearing based Perception underwater). [Low]
    low as –30 degrees Celsius–30℃ and as high as 60 degrees Celsius60℃ without discomfort
    low as –80 C–80℃ without ill
    low as –200 C–200℃ without harm
    low as –120 C.–120℃. [High]
    Toxin FiltersToxin Filters:The morph gains an improved liver and kidneys and biological filters in its lungs. Characters with this augmentation are immune to all chemical and biological toxins, including everything from recreational chemicals to nerve agents to spoiled food. In addition, the character can safely and comfortably breathe smoke and drink salt water. Unlike medichines, toxin immunity prevents the character from experiencing even brief harm or discomfort from a toxin (medichines merely rapidly repair damage caused by the toxin and then remove it from the morph). This augmentation provides no resistance to concentrated acid, nanotechnological attacks, or similar destructive agents. Some characters with this augmentation learn to enjoy the taste of various chemical toxins like cyanide or arsenic. [Moderate]
    temperatures from –75–75℃ to 100 C.100℃. In addition,
    WingsWings: Wings enable the morph to fly at Earth/Venusian gravities if small (child-sized) and light, or at low gravities if human-sized or larger. Tests made while flying use the Flight skill. Most wing designs are transgenic and based on bat-wing physiology, so they may be easily folded when not in use. Though the Movement Rate depends on the morph in question and the particular design, a standard Movement Rate is 8/40.
    Neo-avians have wings by default, as part of their physiology. [Moderate]
    A brain box consists of a living human brain and a sturdy, well-padded, miniature life-support system for this brain. Brain boxes require the addition of a small amount of concentrated nutrients once every month. To avoid the necessity of these nutrients, users can also install a smaller, cheaper, and more limited version of the long-term life support augmentation that is designed specifically for use with a brain box. This augmentation has a cost of High and recycles the necessary nutrients as long as the morph has sufficient electricity and can gain access to small amounts of water and carbon twice a year. Brain boxes are normally hidden from standard visual detection, but a few eccentrics show them off with a transparent aluminum casing, allowing observers to see that their morph contains a biological brain.
    The brains with brain boxes must be specifically customized to the morph (a process requiring 3 days and a healing vat). The morph’s aptitude modifiers do not change. [Moderate]
    coating the morphmorphv with a
    Ego SharingEgo Sharing: This enhancement allows more than one ego to access the internal systems and controlling functions of a single synthmorph, bot, or vehicle at one time. Each ego requires its own cyberbrain. Command responsibilities are usually divided into appropriate sectors of control. For example, one ego is responsible for physical movement, another handles data analysis, a third operates weapon controls, and so on. Each ego acts on its own Initiative; the morph may only move on one ego’s action and each weapon system and enhancement may only be actively used by one ego per Combat Turn, though other egos may passively access data from enhancements and systems used by others. Morph aptitude modifiers and bonuses from enhancements apply to all egos equally. No Speed-boosting enhancements may be used with this morph. [Expensive]
    Extra LimbsExtra Limbs:The shell is equipped with one or more extra limbs. A character using these limbs suffers an off-hand modifier. These limbs may be arms (with hand/grippers/etc.), legs, tentacle-like, or otherwise articulated and/or prehensile. Some shells have rotational frames that allow them to move limbs around their body. [Low]
    up to 500 C.500℃. [Expensive]
    Extreme Pressure AdaptationExtreme Pressure Adaptation: Morphs with this mod undergo serious structural reinforcement, enabling them to withstand pressure of up to 5,000 atmospheres. This modification increases the morph’s Durability by 50% while reducing its Movement Rate by half and modifying COO by –10. [Expensive]
    Fractal DigitsFractal Digits: The synthmorph has “bush robot” digits that are capable of splitting into smaller digits, and those smaller digits into micro digits, and so on down to the micrometer scale, allowing for ultra-fine manipulation. Apply a +20 COO modifier where such fine manipulation is a factor (such as detailed repair work). The bot must have functioning nanoscopic vision to get this bonus. [Moderate]
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