Orbit: Earth-Luna L4
Station Type: O’Neill Cylinder
Allegiance: Lunar-Lagrange Alliance
Primary Languages: English, Hindi, Wu
Major Industries: Shipping, Trade, Information, Politics
The center of the Lunar-Lagrange Alliance and the largest station near Earth, Remembrance dominates the Earth-Luna L5 point and houses over two million people. Though it is the largest O’Neill cylinder in existence, it is still overpopulated, so most of the station is cramped, dirty, smelly, and dangerous. The station itself actually consists of two counter-rotating cylinders laid end-to-end, each 35 kilometers in length and 8 kilometers in diameter, and providing approximate Earth gravity. The most crowded cylinder, home to the more impoverished residents and indentures, is continuously pushing its environmental systems to their maximum, and suffers regular breakdowns—as evidenced by the septic growths and smells. The other half of the habitat fares slightly better, thanks to better air scrubbers, and it is here that the towers of the upper-class elites, including the LLA officials, rise above all, clean and airy and shining. There have been several proposals to expand Remembrance itself, adding another cylinder in order to accommodate its increased population, but doing so would require a substantial amount of cred. Most of the elite refuse to be bothered; after all, they’re not the ones being crowded. Still, the effects do spill over into the business section and even around the towers, and Remembrance suffers an unfortunate amount of vice and crime.

Nandi Setsin

Nandi Setsin is the mayor of Remembrance, and possibly one of the most disliked political leaders in the inner system. Abrasive and argumentative, Setsin is an ardent reclaimer. Already under fire for failing to relieve Remembrance’s overcrowding and widespread poverty, Setsin fanned the flames by instituting an unpopular Reclamation Tax on Remembrance citizens. A supporter of Avra Don, Setsin has occasionally taken the fall for pushing through some of Don’s disliked policies. On the other hand, the pair are often at odds, as Don seeks to rein in Setsin’s vocal rhetoric and Consortium-bashing.
Repeated charges of corruption have been raised over Setsin’s administration, though none have stuck. None of Setsin’s detractors can fault her administrative skills, however, or the fact that she keeps a troubled habitat from falling further into decline.

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