Qing Long

Station Type: O’Neill Cylinder (Mars-Sun L5)
Allegiance: Planetary Consortium/Triad
Primary Languages: Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Vietnamese
The largest habitat in the Martian trojans, and the largest O’Neill cylinder in the solar system, the “Azure Dragon’s” two million inhabitants display a heavy Chinese cultural influence, though sizable segments of Vietnamese, Korean, and other Southeast Asian groups are also evident. Though nominally a part of the Planetary Consortium and adhering to its standards, Qing Long and its residents have been sanctioned by Oversight several times, not least because of the heavy influence of criminal groups here. Nevertheless, several prominent hypercorps call Qing Long home, including Hyundai Transport, one of the leading designers of personal transport vehicles used in habitats throughout the system. Several Extropian corps also favor Qing Long as a port-of-call for doing business with Consortium hypercorps. It is an open secret that Qing Long is a triad stronghold and that the administration is firmly in their grasp. The 14K Triad is predominant and considers this station their headquarters, though several others, including the Shui Fong and the Big Circle Gang, also operate here. For the most part, tensions between these groups are muted on Qing Long, as they each cooperate in maintaining the habitat as the best environment for their particular trades (elsewhere, however, all bets are off). The station’s current Overseer, Jintao Suharto, is related to one of the top 14K leaders, and Pai Gow (Double Hand), the triad’s security company, is employed for immigration control and to protect the station’s key assets. Given the triad activity, Qing Long features some of the best gray and black markets in the inner system. The colony is also a hotbed for vice and unsavory activities, from gambling to prostitution to pit fights. It is especially notable for its casino circle, a row of massive casinos that lines the interior of the cylinder at one end. The massive spires of the Galaxy 888 dwarf the rest, highlighting the influence of the Galaxy Entertainment Group, another 14K front.

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