Allegiance: Independent
Primary Languages: English, Farsi, Japanese
One of only two independent aerostats, Parvarti is advertised as the place where dreams come true. It is known for its somewhat seedy reputation as a sort of inner system swinger’s club or red light habitat that caters to almost any sort of fantasy, sexual kink, or perversion—discretion guaranteed. The habitat’s marketplace offers the entire range of vacation resort and adult services: spas, cloud-diving, gambling, customized companions, doll houses, robo-sex, exotic pleasure simulspaces, neotenic prostitution, porn XP casting, anonymous mass orgies, etc. For people in the know, various gray and black market agents provide darker services: animal sleeving/bestiality, illegal fork-sex operations, snuff XP, non-simulated rape scenarios, and worse. Parvarti is part whorehouse, part non-stop bacchanal, and part shady speakeasy. Just about any deviance and permutation of sexual services is available, and private spaces (small and large) can be rented for special occasions, no questions asked, on short notice. To preserve privacy, most patrons sleeve into anonymous morphs for their stay, but the station also limits public spimes, performs regular countersurveillance sweeps, and closely limits and filters communication channels outside the aerostat. This makes Parvarti an excellent locale for conducting private meetings and deals, and it is commonly used as a neutral ground between negotiating parties.

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