Primary Languages: Arabic, English, French, Russian
Lucifer is the aerostat responsible for most Venus surface mining as well as being the most mobile in terms of altitude. Lucifer is designed to be able to move between altitudes of 60 to 40 kilometers, seeking heights where the winds are low enough to permit it to easily maintain its position over a single location, as it lowers a tether down to the surface in order to deploy miners and equipment and retrieve the miners and the ores they obtain. Unlike the other aerostats that are far more lightly built, the outer surface of Lucifer is a synthetic sapphire sphere.
Lucifer contains large air tanks and pumps that allow the inhabitants to vary the internal air pressure from one quarter to more than three times Earth normal. It also contains extensive climate control and large external radiators that allow it to maintain comfortable internal temperatures even when the external temperature is as high as 140 C.
Lucifer has a population of 230,000, of which 5,000 are infomorphs who make their living teleoperating miner bots down on the surface. Almost a quarter of the population either manages the ore processing or works as support personnel for the surface miners. As can be expected, there is a high percentage of indentures among Lucifer’s populace, working for several different hypercorp and Constellation mining ventures. It is worth noting that a small but significant amount of these are not infugees but criminals who have been convicted and sentenced to infomorph labor. These infomorphs are kept in secluded networks with heavy electronic safeguards, and are commonly used for the most dangerous mining work tasks.

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