Memes: Bioconservatism, Primitivism, Natural Order
Main Stations: Vo Nguyen (Earth orbit)
Bioconservatives are strongly suspicious and critical of the transhuman direction the human race is taking. They are strong proponents of limiting technological development due to the threat it manifests to existing social orders. Bioconservative positions range from right-wing cultural conservatives to left-wing environmentalists. Though its prominence is shrinking, bioconservatism has a strong base among some religious groups, the Jovian Republic, and certain extremists.
Bioconservatives are opposed to nanofabrication, genetic modification, cloning, cognitive modifications, artificial intelligence, uplifting, and forking, among other technologies. Some are even opposed to back-ups, uploading, and resleeving, dismissing them as unnatural, an affront to god’s will, or a technology that transhumanity is not yet mature enough to handle. They oppose expansion beyond the Pandora Gates on the grounds that transhumanity is not ready to deal with what they might encounter. Most bioconservatives support the old economy.
The bioconservatives gained many converts and much ground after the Fall, a cataclysmic event that served as a direct example of the dangers they warned against. Still, the appeal of technology and the numerous advantages it provides work against them. As a result, some disgruntled biocons have turned to sabotage and acts of terrorism in support of their ideology.

Sidebar: Neoprimitivists

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Neo-primitivists are a potential threat that all Firewall sentinels should keep an eye on. Their neo-luddite philosophy advocates the abolition of technological society and a return to a wild and free hunter-gatherer lifestyle, free from technological control or oppression. Considered an extremist element of both the bioconservative and reclaimer movements, neo-primitivists are known to engage in acts of sabotage against transhuman society. Though some neo-primitivists have made certain concessions to their ideology, taking on ruster morphs and pursuing an independent lifestyle in the wilds of Mars, most hope to return to Earth and re-establish a non-technology-based society there. A few advocate finding a new, unspoiled world beyond the
Pandora Gates and founding a primitivist society there.

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