Alpha Plus

Station Type: Bernal Sphere
Allegiance: Independent (Brinker)
Primary Languages: English
Population: 15,500
Stationed at the Sol-Uranus L3 point, Alpha Plus is an attempt to create a perfectly ordered society. Each of the residents—all of whom voluntarily joined—has been psychosurgically and genetically modified to fulfill a predetermined social position. Everyone is shaped to play their role in society and all are quite good at what they do—in fact, they would have a difficult time doing anything else. Any ambitions, desires, abilities, or personality traits not in line with their position have been weeded out. Residents undergo yearly evaluations and conditioning sessions to ensure that their programming remains intact.
While considered a nightmare by many autonomists, no one was coerced into joining Alpha Plus, and the station regularly draws new recruits who look forward to having the burdens of indecision and individuality stripped from their lives. The habitat is certainly a model of efficiency and harmony, with no appreciable crime or discontent, and a seemingly happy population. Though no one is in theory prevented from leaving the habitat, no one wants to because of their conditioning; the station does occasionally send out ships to acquire supplies or mine necessary raw materials.

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