Allegiance: Independent (Sifter)
Primary Languages: Arabic, Hindi
This mid-sized crater in the northern hemisphere would be the sifter capital—if the sifters could ever agree on anything as important as where their capital should be. More like a swap-meet than a seat of government, this is where sifters come to trade, exchange news, and purchase specialized services. In the rare cases when an issue is important enough to force consensus, it is discussed and voted on at Al-Hamadhanj.
When asked about Al-Hamadhanj, your local hypercorp PR director is likely to point out that the sifter mecca is located only a couple hundred klicks southwest of the crater Vyasa—the underground home to a major corporate mining concern. The implication is that the sifters couldn’t survive without feeding off the scraps of hypercorp culture. Needless to say, this kind of attitude does nothing to reduce friction between sifters and corporate citizens. For the sentinel who needs to acquire intelligence or gear without alerting the hypercorps, Al-Hamadhanj is your best bet.

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