AIs and Muses

AIs are sentient but specialized programs. Like other software, they must be run on a computerized system. Most AIs are run on bots, vehicles, and other computerized devices where they can assist transhuman users or operate the machine themselves. They are also commonly used to actively monitor computer systems against intrusion attempts. Muses are AIs that specialize as personal companions, always at a character’s virtual side every since they were a child. Sample AIs and muses can be found in Gear.

AI Limitations

AIs feature a number of built-in restrictions and limitations. To start with, they can be loaded in the cyberbrains of pods and synthmorphs, but they may not be downloaded into biomorph brains. As software, they use the same rules as other software and may be shut down, restarted, copied, erased, stored as inert data, infected with virii, and reprogrammed. Due to their size and complexity, only one AI (or infomorph) may be run on a personal computer at a time, and they may not run on peripheral devices.
While they possess cognition and intelligence, they are incapable of self-improvement and cannot expand their programming and skills on their own. Although they are not able to learn they do possess memory storage that grants them the ability to remember and a limited form of adaptation. AIs do not earn Rez Points, nor do they have Moxie.
AIs have aptitudes no greater than 20 but are incapable of defaulting. If they don’t possess a skill, they don’t know how to do it. (At the gamemaster’s discretion, they may default to field skills or similar skills with a –10 to –30 modifier). They can use skills like any character in Eclipse Phase, however they may not possess any Active skill at a rating higher than 40 or Knowledge skill higher than 90—the maximum amount of expertise that their skill software allows.
While AIs are programmed with personality templates and empathy, they are generally less emotive and difficult to read (apply a –30 modifier to Kinesics Test made against them, when in pod bodies). When combined with non-expressive synthetic morphs, they are even more difficult (–60 modifier). Some AIs lack emotive capabilities altogether and are impossible to read with Kinesics skill.
AIs do have a Lucidity and Trauma Threshold stat, and are capable of suffering mental stress and traumas.

Commanding AIs

AIs and muses are programmed to accept commands from authorized users. In some circumstances, they may also be programmed to follow the law or some ethical code. Programming is never perfect, however, and AIs can be quite clever in how they interpret commands and act on them. In most cases, an AI will rarely refuse to follow a request or obey a command. Given that they also usually have a duty to protect the person commanding them, the AI may be reluctant to follow commands that could be construed as dangerous or having a negative impact on the user. Under certain circumstances, preprogrammed imperatives can force an AI to ignore or disobey their owner’s commands (gamemaster’s discretion).

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